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Each episode follows Vivian out of the kitchen and into cornfields, strawberry patches and hog farms as she hunts down the ingredients that inspire her seasonal menus. Using a chef’s modern sensibilities, Vivian explores Southern cuisine, past and present one ingredient at a time. A celebration of true farm to table food, the 13 week series combines the action and drama of a high pressure business with the joys and stresses of family life..

Somehow the wintry backdrop only heightened the feeling the match was simply unfair. Atlanta’s South American stars had their way with a Minnesota team that just could not keep up. Whether that was the snow or the (quite obvious) shortcomings of the hosts’ defending, we can’t be certain.

Vin Diesel, già di per sé attore di sostanza ma non certo di forma, si limita a menare, correre e mettersi e togliersi gli occhiali, gesto/tic, che se poteva essere caratteristico e curioso un lustro fa, qui risulta insopportabilmente ripetitivo. Il resto del cast è anche peggio, con la Newton che fa la bella statuina (Bertolucci dove sei?), Judi Dench, addobbata come un albero di Natale, che si aggira ectoplasmatica da una scena all’altra e tutti i digrignanti comprimari del poco capelluto eroe, che si agitano senza troppa convinzione, in coreografie guerresche molto, molto poco ispirate. A conti fatti poi, tra chicchere inutili e dialoghi insignificanti, Riddick pecca proprio sul lato action, incredibilmente poco sviluppato (per un film di questo genere).

I recognize the complexities that would surround such provisions (how do you stop the jealous wife from claiming the husband is mentally ill just because he is having an affair. Etc), but those issues are no more complicated than others faced by society. Taking the easy way out by banning handgun magazines of some certain size will not fix the problem.

Then came the advent of 15,000 “low fat” foods on the market over the last 15 20 years. With the help of these high sugar, high calorie foods we’ve created an epidemic of increasing obesity, diabetes and heart disease. The scientific foundation for the low fat movement was shaky from the start.

Times, Sunday Times (2008)To do it with a split dressing room is like fighting with one hand tied behind your back. The Sun (2015)The eastern mountain looked flat, and the western peak was like the top of a volcano. Keane, Molly Phipps, Sally Molly Keane Ireland (1993)I do like adding quirky bits and get offered unusual things from time to time.

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