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[7] Thomas Spidlik, La Spiritualità dell’Oriente cristiano, p. Poi ho di recente pubblicato il romanzo “Verso Kathmandu alla ricerca della felicità”, per l’editore Ouverture; ho pubblicato un libretto di poesie: Vado a caccia di sguardi per l’editore Raffaelli. Ho ancora inediti alcuni romanzi, uno sulla vita e la poesia di Lenore Kandel, poetessa hippy americana; un secondo invece è un giallo ambientato nella Bologna operaia e studentesca del ’68; un terzo è è sull’eroina negli anni ’80 a Milano e un altro ancora sul tema dell’amore non corrisposto..

They show differences in major and minor elements due to their evolution, but generally they have a low concentration in alkalis, and an abundance in SiO2 lower than 53%. Chondrite normalized values show that basanites have very similar concentration in REE, and the trend from basanites to andesite basalts is compatible with partial melting process. Like euganean samples, also berici rocks be divide in alkaline (BE1, BE2, BE6) and sub alkaline series (BE4, BE5), that belong to two different partial melting degree processes.

273 302. Cerca con GoogleBoschma R. (2015). Times, Sunday Times (2016)Pet goldfish usually live no more than a decade. The Sun (2015)But she saved her loudest exclamation for her two pet goldfish. Times, Sunday Times (2011)We were like goldfish in a bowl.

This for sure, could go on for centuries, especially given that the Americans, for centuries have been horrid, despicable, murderers and sick in their actions from slavery, through Jim Crowe laws to our present day structural inequality! I feel if the majority ever issues a public plea, African Americans may find it easier to overcome the natural alienation that anyone would feel having gone through this perpetual ordeal. This plea should not only be in words but in actions, such as giving respect, honor, love, as in money as in programs, as in assurance that they matter, that they are extremely important and vital to this country as inhalation is vital to the continuation of life!!! It is they who have built our transportation, agriculture, construction industries, it is they who have made our country unique in culture, art, dance, music, it is they who have brought the initial diversity to our waters, it is they who have carried the weight of our wars, our economy, our bigotry, our inequality on their very backs. We, the majority, have an obligation, a debt to African Americans and it starts with showing extreme gratitude, deference, loyalty and by making economic and social policy that addresses their real needs, hopes and dreams so that we can help them rise to a mountain top where all humans belong! Americans owe our fellow African Americans at least that!.

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