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1784KbAbstractIl trapianto di cuore è un intervento chirurgico estremamente complesso: un passo fondamentale per la sua buona riuscita, è il corretto trasporto dell’organo. Attualmente esistono due metodi: il trasporto tradizionale con una borsa frigo rigida contenente ghiaccio, ed il trasporto con l’Organ Care System (OCS) Heart della ditta TransMedics. Questa apparecchiatura è il primo prodotto al mondo, portatile, di perfusione sanguigna che permette un nuovo tipo di approccio al trapianto d’organo, chiamato “trapianto d’organo vivente”.

“They couldn’t stop deregulation,” he continued. “In fact, they supported it, because they knew their major constituencies in finance and banking were all very much for it. So to tell them now ‘Wouldn’t you like to just admit your mistake and put back some of the collateral lending functions into your control?’ I don’t trust them to do that.”.

The Sun (2009)The control tower will talk you down to land. The Sun (2010)This goes on all the way into the ivory towers. Times, Sunday Times (2015)Go straight ahead and you will see this impressive square tower on your left. Two brothers, Tyler and Shawn, inspired me with their commitment to the craft of the cowboy. They both train horses for a living, riding every horse each day of the week. Waking up early and spending the frigid days outside with their animals goes without asking.

Times, Sunday Times (2008)We have reasonable prospects and a cogent case to make. Times, Sunday Times (2013)Lawyers are not usually able to predict with certainty or confidence the outcome of any particular case. Times, Sunday Times (2015)The whole affair was a sad case of bad timing.

Times, Sunday Times (2016)The search engine will link results more closely to the region of the person making the enquiry. The Sun (2006)Users of the engines have also had problems. Times, Sunday Times (2010)There is a choice of petrol and diesel engines.

“The proposed legislation would have a trivially small effect on global warming while imposing substantial costs on all American households. Americans should ask themselves whether this annual tax of $1,600 plus per family is justified by the very small resulting decline in global CO2. CO2 output would lower global CO2 output by less than 4 percent.

L del cuculo dalla migrazione invernale era una data importante, sulla quale, nelle campagne, ci si basava per programmare molte operazioni agricole. A Bologna si diceva che canta il cuculo, c da fare per tutti cioè iniziano i lavori agricoli. L di questo uccello era previsto per i primi giorni d e quando tardava ci si preoccupava: due o il tre d il cuculo ha da venire.

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